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7 Outfit Ideas That You Need to Celebrate Pride Month This Year

June is a very special time for the LGBTQ+ community. What started out as a major event for the gay community—the 1969 Stonewall Riots—has become a whole month of reflection, education, and the celebration of being able to live openly. Pride Month means something different to everyone; for some, it’s a time to feel completely validated for being your authentic self while for others it’s a time to be thankful for people who have sacrificed tremendously for the LGBTQ+ community. Despite the difference of opinions, most can agree Pride Month is a time to look forward to the future and acknowledge the fight we still have ahead of us.

Let’s face it—around this time during the average year you’d be busy envisioning ideas for your glamorous Pride Parade outfit. With the worldwide pandemic this year many Pride Parades and events have gone virtual, unfortunately, instead of the amazing experience it normally is. But who needs the Parade to express yourself when you can dress up for Pride everyday of the month? Even if you are just going to the corner convenience store that sells those really good slushies, why not throw that rainbow colored jacket on that you adore or apply some empowering makeup to your face? When it comes to dressing up for Pride there are two ways you can go about it; you can go all out or you can go for a more subtle look.

Feel the Rainbow; Taste the Rainbow

The iconic rainbow flag is the perfect way to express pride and is commonly used as a symbol of social equality and individuality.

Be A Unicorn

Source: Lucy and Yak
Source: Lucy and Yak

Be your unique self while wearing stylish rainbow bottoms. That’s right! Just like a unicorn. Try out a pair of rainbow pants or a pencil skirt and pair the bottoms of your choice with a tight-fitting, solid colored top. For a more effortless look, coordinate a matching top and bottom. Both of these looks are simple and easy.

Classic Yet Fantastic

Source: cofashionova
Source: cofashionova
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Try the classic rainbow-striped tank, tee or crop top. There is tons of variety when it comes to finding a rainbow-striped top, from striped lettuce edged tees to vintage striped ringer tees. Wearing a laid back top with jeans is a hard combo to beat and a top this cute is incredibly easy to come by.

Rockin' Shoes

Source: Instagram
Source: Urban Outfitters

Love a good shoe moment? Make yours the center of your outfit with a bright, fun pair and a few smaller pops of color splashed throughout the rest of your look.

Comfort Comes First

Source: Vault 28
Source: Vault 28

Dress up in a jumpsuit or romper while feeling comfortable!

A Message That Matters

Source: Kogiketsu
Source: Kogiketsu
Equality t-shirt

Go the more subtle way of getting your message across! If you’d rather make a smaller statement, opt for a graphic tee with a prismatic statement. Complete your look with a pair of ripped jeans or shorts.

Don't Have Anything That Screams Pride? Don't Fret

Source: Ragstock

There’s no need to go shopping. You can grab your old tie-dye tee back from your high school days. Make your tie-dye tee the focal point of your outfit by pairing it with black leggings, or old jeans. If you want to add even more complexity to your look, layer up by adding a jean jacket or neutral cardigan.


Source: Zazzle
Source: AliExpress

This isn’t necessary, but can TOTALLY brighten up your outfit. Complete your look with pride-themed makeup, a pin with a message, or other rainbow accessories! Try rainbow colored earrings, sunglasses, scarves, or bags.

How to Dress Up Your Graphic Tees for Women

When you think graphic tee, what’s the first word that comes to mind—casual, right? These days there seems to be a stigma about graphic tees being too “high school” to be taken seriously. But what’s stopping us from dressing up the everyday tee to create a whole new classy look? You can pull off the classic graphic tee in so many ways, whether you’re wearing it to the office, as an everyday outfit, or even to impress your date!

From casual to formal: it's possible!

The Beauty of Tucking

It may be your first instinct to let your tee fall wherever it may, but that’s where you need to put your foot down and take a hold of the matter. If you can tuck a blouse into your skirt, nothing can stop you from tucking your tee into bottoms to make your outfit more formal. You can tuck your graphic tee into pants, skirts, or jeans. But that’s not all! Alternatively, you can tie your tee into a knot. Rolling or bundling the tee into a knot gives your overall outfit a sense of sophisticated edginess and is way more appealing than letting your tee hang loose.

Don't be afraid to spice things up

Layering is Essence

No matter the weather, layering is an effective way to dress up any tee. In the warmer months, you can rock a tee with a neutral cardigan, allowing your tee to be the focal point of your outfit, or if you want to go for a bolder look you could dress your tee up with a colorful jacket. While in the cooler months, you could layer your tee over a button-up for a preppier look, or wear it under a blazer, denim jacket, or moto jacket – neutral-colored or bold the choice is yours!

The combination of tying or tucking your tee and layering a jacket over ensures that your waistline doesn’t get lost while keeping you looking chic and trendy. If you want a composed look you can wear complementary colors with a tee or if you want to pull off a more vibrant look you can wear the opposite colors of the tee. On another note,  if you just want to add a little more depth to your already cute outfit without going completely overboard you can always wear your graphic tees under overalls, jumpsuits, or rompers.

Make your tee pop!

The Significance of Pairing

The last step to completing your look is knowing how to pair your tee with various bottoms and accessories.  The classic look is to pair your tee with jeans or leather pants. If you want to go for an edgier look you can either pair your tee with patterned pants or you can choose bold colored pants. Another option is to go for a more flirtatious look by pairing your tee with a skirt of your choice, whether it’s flowy or pencil. It’s key to wear more basic pieces to make your tee pop, that’s why wearing a plain miniskirt with heels is great for an after-hours look. An important tip to remember is that if you want to look more put together you can match your tee with your bottoms, but as always, there’s the riskier route of wearing bold colors and patterns which compliment your tee.

Choosing accessories to wear can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to fret. Just remember that less is more; you can add a little something to your outfit without subtracting from your graphic tee. For example, you can add to your outfit with a pair of earrings or a necklace – big or small. If you want to spice it up even more, you can make a statement by adding a belt to your outfit if you’re wearing pants or shorts.

Now that you know that there are many different ways that you can pull off a graphic tee, don’t be afraid to go out into the world and show your tees off!