Learn what sets us apart Awesome products & an even awesomer team.

High quality graphics

Rip Tee provides the highest quality graphics with sharp, vibrant colors, visible on print.

Premium fabrics & stitching

Our materials go through three quality checks before being printed on, ensuring that the premium fabrics are matched with high-end stitching.

Three fulfillment facilities

Facilities in USA, Mexico, and Europe ensure faster processing and shipment times.

*This may be affected by COVID-19

Order tracking available

Once an order is marked as complete, you will receive a tracking number by email.

Support outlets

Contact us using live chat, toll-free number, or one of the dedicated forms.

Customer loyalty programs

Receive RIP Coins which are redeemable towards purchase whenever you purchase a product, leave a review, or refer someone.

About Rip Tee

We are a brand that believes in human individuality. In being yourself when all around you, others only know how to emulate each other. We stand out from the crowd and we want you to join us.

Rip Tee is the brainchild of Yeshourun & Laura Rotstain—a couple who believes in artistic expression and environmental awareness. They believe that the fashion industry is polluted with the same repeating styles. Even “street fashion” is now the same cuts, fabrics, and designs regurgitated from Ali Express drop-shipping sites. Attention to quality simply doesn’t exist, unless you’re willing to pay extravagant amounts. 

Rip Tee prides itself on being eco-friendly—most products on the site are made of sustainable materials and inks. When it comes to artistic expression, the Rip Tee graphics selection is massive, featuring everything from RIP branded apparel to designs that we simply think are cute and cool.

Thank you for shopping with Rip Tee, ♥ Yeshourun & Laura


Numbers that add up.

We can’t stop thanking our customers, which is why for every purchase, review, account created, birthday, or referral, we give you back some money. We call them RIP Coins, our own in-store currency. The more you collect, the more you’ll save.


Live Free

Rip Tee isn't a lifestyle. It's not pretentious bullshit. We stand for being yourself in a crowd of people who only know how to mirror the next person. Your style is unique and completely your own.

Loud. Bold. Free.